Whether you're a first time dog owner, or highly experienced, Zip's Dog School offers a wide range of options when it comes to training your dog. Contact us to join a class or arrange a training session.


If you have a new puppy but unsure where to begin with training, our puppy classes are perfect for you.

Offering you and your puppy socialisation and basic training preparing you for a perfectly behaved pooch.

£10 per dog

Zip's Dog School - Dog Training

One to one

Based either at your home or our facilities, we tailor the training specifically to suit you and your dogs needs.

If you're experiencing specific behaviour problems with your dog, or are unable to attend group lessons, one-to-one training could be the answer.

from £30

Zip's Dog School - Dog Training


Group classes are great social events for you and your dog. Your dog learns to work around distractions, while you learn how to resolve issues not related to your dog.

We hold a range of group lessons from puppy to advanced.

From £10

Zip's Dog School - Dog Training


Some dogs have problems that require more specialist behavioural work. Many of these problems are common, to the dog, but are not acceptable to us.

We can help you understand where the behaviour stems from and address it, no matter how long it's been going on for.

From £30

Zip's Dog School - Dog Training

Home training

If you don't have time to train your dog consistently, we can help.

We can come to your house while you're at work to train your dog, then give handover lessons to teach you what your dog has learned. Making your life much easier.

From £25

Zip's Dog School - Dog Training


If you want to have fun with your dog and learn a new sport together, why not give agility a go?

Agility is great for dogs who have lots of pent up energy, plus it's an excellent way to build a strong bond with your dog whilst keeping fit too!

From £5

Zip's Dog School - Dog Training